Hi and thanks for stopping by Kbala Tax and Accounting. We are looking for a sales person to help generate new Payroll accounts for us. We pay you $200 per sale which represents over 40% of our revenue, not income, revenue. On year (2) two and beyond we pay you $10 a month for this account and every other account you have Sold that remains active. In the event you resign we will continue to pay you for all of your Sold and active accounts for 6 months or if you know you are wanting to leave and you provide us with notice, we will at our discretion work on providing you with a one time payout relative to the 6 months on exit.

Our expectations are 850 accounts in 5 years and this program caps out at 1,000 accounts. You are the primary face of the account and so your role is simply making sure our back-end is keeping the front-end happy.

I am happy to share Earnings with you in this role because I think at the end of the day we all want to work a little less. If this sounds like a role you want to occupy, please call me at 585-354-1915 and leave a message and I will get back to you. Our sales people enjoy W2 statutory or 1099 employment and are governed by KBTX Sales Agreements. Request a copy before you inquire.