Why Pay More? Technology is supposed to reduce the cost of filing taxes.  With kbala tax & accounting most individuals and married couples will pay $80 to file taxes and if you’re 65+ the price is $65 excluding estate and business returns. Whether you have a big refund or lots of deductions your price stays the same, exceptions apply for stock trades. Why Pay More?

  1. Fax, Text or Email tax documents with contact information
  2. Check W2 & 1099’s for your complete Social Security Number
  3. Allow us time to input data and will contact you in 1-2 hours
  4. Pay for return or use bank product, bank product has fees
  5. Return is transmitted and a locked digital return is emailed
  6. Physical copy is mailed in 1-3 days
  7. Cheaper, Faster and Easier than everyone else only
  8. @Kbala Tax and Accounting