Technology is supposed to reduce the cost of filing taxes.  With kbala tax & accounting most individuals and married couples will pay $75 to file taxes and if you’re 65+ the price is $65 excluding estate and business returns. Whether you have a big refund or lots of deductions your price stays. No Inflation BS at kbala tax & accounting.

Stop paying Anyone hundreds of dollars to file taxes, this is your $$$, You earned it and We’ll Help You Keep it! Get your Money faster and at Cost. No one has the power to force the IRS to issue refunds quicker.  Always read your disclosures as some of the interest rates on these advances can be as high as 40%. Your State return is always included along with a physical & digital copy of your return.

Our EZ Process

  1. Fax, Text or Email tax documents
  2. Fax, Text or Email Contact information including email
  3. Check W2 & 1099’s for your complete Social Security Number
  4. Allow us time to input data 1-3 hours
  5. We will contact you in 1-4 hours for questions and answers
  6. Decide if you want a Bank Product, has fees
  7. We will email you a summary of your return
  8. Pay for return or use bank product
  9. Return is transmitted and a locked digital return is emailed
  10. Physical copy is mailed in 1-3 days
  11. Cheaper, Faster and Easier than everyone else
  12. No Inflation BS @ kbala tax & accounting
  13. Flat Rate Pricing below