Our Payroll2Payroll service includes free W2’s, and checks for a total of 10 employees for $42 a month.  Choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly paychecks.  Additional employees cost $5 per employee per month.  +Print in your office and never worry about postage or bank fees again.  Everything you need for payroll and more, You & Us, Never Alone.

Did you know bundling insurance with payroll tends to increase insurance costs with additional management fees?  Commissions are paid on all insurance policies so why pay an insurance agent and then another person to manage these same insurance benefits?  Check your invoice and compare. (585) 354-1915

  • Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • W2’s included
  • Print in your office
  • Check signing included
  • 401(k) reporting included
  • Benefit calculations included
  • Tax payments included
  • $21 per form 1099
  • Additional fee direct deposit
  • Additional fee employee mail services
  • Cloud, CSS, ECommerce & hardware deployments
  • Service area: CT | NY | NC | NJ | PA | MA | ME | VA | FL | VT
  • We’re Accountants & Advisers.

Do you need helping starting a business? From a DBA to an LLC to a Corporation we believe you should speak with an accountant prior to deciding on what formation to pursue. Our view is depending on your operations and goals each path has a different set of options as it relates to taxes, insurance and employees. Enjoy a cup of coffee on us before you start on your journey. Thanks in advance Robert C. Ayala