We’re just the lens, the views are Yours. Did you know that our company is routinely hired to be the Eyes and Ears of Banks and Insurance companies. We offer high end imaging, video inspections, and design development using a host of tools in digital media. From the full suite of Adobe to a host of professional video editors we can take that perfect shot for your senior picture or shoot that raw video for YouTube. What’s even better is that with us not only do You control the content direction but You control the Copyright. @KBTX, We’re just the lens, the Views are Yours.

Don’t let anyone waving around a camera in 2023 tell you that you have to pay for your images and videos in singular manner. What you pay for with us, is time, media storage along with the ability to do what YOU want with the Personal moments you have asked us to Capture.

We know the banks hire Us because we’re cheap but at the end of the day that’s how a lot of stuff plays out for us normal folks. So if that other quote is more than you can handle, simply call or send us an email and we will see if we can help in the same manner and for a better rate. $100 per hour per camera person and an additional $75 an hour for each additional camera person. You get as many pictures or video recording time that can be completed in 40 minutes with a 20 minute set up window per operator per hour. No weddings, sorry!